2008 Q3 Report Information Card Foundation

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  • Information Card Foundation has grown to more than 50 members.
  • The Board of Directors was expanded to include Deutsche Telekom and Intel
  • In September 2 new Community Members were nominated by the Board and elected by the entire membership. The vote was done using Helios, a new electronic voting system that is verifiable and anonymous. The two new members are:
    • Craig Burton
    • Scott Loftesness
  • The following working groups were formed, approved, and are now active:
    • OASIS Coordination Working Group -- coordinates efforts between ICF and OASIS Technical Committees working on standards affecting information cards. This includes the SSTC and IMI TC
    • RP Evangelists Working Group -- Promoting information card adoption to relying party sites
    • Browser Integration Working Group --
    • Website Best Practices Working Group -- focusing on getting a consistent ceremony for users at all sites regardless of the user's state (do they have a selector? have they been to the site before? Is the site issuing a card? asking for claims? etc.)
    • Schemas Working Group -- defining a lightweight human and machine-readable claim and data type to ensure that like claims are treated the same by the entire information card ecosystem.
  • Information Card Foundation was prominent at DIDW by:
    • sponsoring the OSIS Interop
    • having a booth on the floor of the show
    • participating in 11 sessions, either run by, staffed by, or participated in by ICF members
  • Information Card Foundation is promoting a discussion with Identity Commons for a common unified marketing message to minimize marketplace confusion between various identity systems and methods.



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