2008 RSA IdGang Meeting

From IdCommons

April 9th at 7:30pm at RSA

THANK YOU TO Chris Reynolds, HotPlate Corp for buying everyone drinks!

'We are having an Identity Commons Get Together for those in town for RSA and those local

Wednesday the 9th gathering starting at 7:15-7:30 for Drinks. Dinner at 8:00.

We have the back room of Sauce 131 Gough St. reserved. It holds up to 40 people. It is a very sort cab ride from Moscone. You can also walk if you are adventurous. The food is inexpensive for Foodie food and the wine selection is great. This is a no host dinner. (unless of course someone sponsors)

We want to get together have a nice dinner and connect as a community. There is lots to celebrate and a range of reasons to get together.

  • There is an emerging Enterprise Positioning Group that has formed in IC that can be a resource for those working on the "How do we explain all this user-centric identity stuff to enterprise clients problem." This is an opportunity meet the folks in that group and learn more about participating.
  • We have the Internet Identity Workshop in coming up May 12-14 along with some events around Data Sharing in April and May. You can talk about ideas to talk about an put forward ideas to th e organizers.

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