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Definition: An assertion made by a Claimant of the value or values of one or more Identity Attributes of a Digital Subject, typically an assertion which is disputed or in doubt. [KimC, BenL, PeterD, ScottC, PaulT]

Examples of the kinds of Identity Attributes that might be conveyed in a Claim:

  1. A Claim could just convey an identifier—for example, that the digital subject's student number is 490-525, or that the digital subject's Windows name is REDMONDkcameron. This is the way many existing identity systems work.
  2. Another Claim might assert that a Digital Subject knows a given key—and should be able to demonstrate this fact.
  3. A set of Claims might convey personally identifying information—name, address, date of birth and citizenship, for example.
  4. A claim might simply propose that a Digital Subject is part of a certain group—for example, that she has an age less than 16.
  5. And a Claim might state that a Digital Subject has a certain capability—for example, to place orders up to a certain limit, or modify a given file.


  1. Claims may or may not be directed to specific Parties. [KimC, DickH, PaulT]
  2. A Claim is an association between a Claimant, a Digital Subject, and an Identity Attribute [PaulT]

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