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This page is used to keep notes and information on the upcoming DigitalDeathDay in Europe in September.

Preliminary Status

Nothing has been confirmed so far, please do not rely on any details yet

Digital Death Day Europe
Date: Tuesday, September 13th 2011
Consecutive to 'Death, Dying and Disposal' Academic Meeting (September 9 - 12)
Nijmegen, Netherlands


Conference call January 2011

General discussion & practicalities

  • The overseas DDD actions are focusing on SXSW and some other events now. Not sure how much of that is relevant for DDD-Europe.
  • We like to be informed and put our information out, but it's probably clearer if DDD-Europe has its own wiki-notes-page (todo: Esther)
  • No need for a separate mailinglist at this point.


  • Death, Dying and Disposal - Academic meeting in Nijmegen (NL) in September
  • June conference in Bath (UK): Death and dying in the digital age (Stacey: do you have a link for this event?)
  • Cross-pollination with these events. Bath is not interested in an alliance. Nijmegen has no 'digital' component on the agenda.
  • Stacey is writing a paper for the Nijmegen conference. If you want to pitch in...


  • Contact organisation of conference in Nijmegen
    • Stacey: mail organisers
    • Esther: talk to ppl locally, ask for cooperation and options
  • Unconference format (of course ;-)
    • Whole day, about 5 sessions
  • Low cost event
    • sponsored drinks and lunch
    • cover costs for ppl to work up notes, run desk (ppl)
    • attendance fee
    • allow for leaflets, banners, representation by sponsors
  • DDD-Europe in London
    • Lots of interest in participation, quite a bit attention, but lack of attendance (about 18 ppl)
  • Attract a broader audience than the 'in-crowd' to DDD-E
    • Hopefully/expectedly attendees to the Academic meeting will join
    • Look into businesses, lawyers, software, identity-crowd
  • How to interest press, reach people?
    • Ask for community blogs to promote
    • Put word out in our personal/professional networks. Areas covered so far:
      • digital arts & sciences
      • identity management
      • notaries
      • security
      • Dutch press
  • How to reach/interest international press? (European)
  • Work together with the international DDD about building a press story
    • Ask them for help with international contacts
  • Marketing/communication (Tamara and Victoria have skills/resources)
    • work towards a digital invitation (website with info / mail-invitation)
  • Get some guys to join the organizers? (all-girl-group right now ;-)