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Name: eCitizen Foundation, a Working Group of Identity Commons


The eCitizen Foundation is created to conduct activities to foster the development and implementation of citizen centered solutions especially those efforts relating to identity issues such as user-centric identification and authentication.

The purpose of this eCitizen Foundation of IDCommons is as follows:

The eCitizen Foundation will conduct a variety of activities to make data and information beneficial for and of improved utility to citizens. Of particular importance to the Group will be efforts relating to the identification and authentication of persons, classes and groups of people, and things.

The activities of the Group will include initiating and managing projects and other efforts; convening groups of stakeholders; collaborating in the development of standards; facilitating research leading to development, implementation, and improvement of products and services; promoting market development and other work especially as related to identification and authentication as will benefit citizens.


In addition to the Identity Commons’ Purpose And Principles, the eCitizen Foundation Working Group will foster, support and promote solutions that are citizen centered. When developing solutions the Group will endeavor to use an open and public process of design and decision-making, to encourage the use of open standards and architectures, and to use or develop systems with open licenses.


The eCitizen Foundation will encourage participation and will conduct outreach to the IDCommons community and beyond. The Group will maintain a web site that will contain or link to resources and documents that are part of the Group, and use appropriate current techniques to propagate information. Information published within the Group will be made available according to the IDCommons Principles unless specific exception is made by the group. The Group reserves the right to collaborate with other entities and abide by contractually agreed upon parameters.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

This will vary by project or effort. General information on activities of the group is open to the public. Those interested in participating in this group should contact

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

The eCitizen Foundation will generally publish its material with open licenses and without restriction except when particular exemptions to this practice are agreed upon by the Group such as in the following examples:

  • helping create interfaces with external proprietary systems (e.g. an API that allows an open system to work with a closed or legacy system);
  • working in a system that depends on closed and proprietary systems (e.g. the SMS system is a closed system);
  • assisting organizations, such as governmental institutions, with systems that are not open to the public at large.

The eCitizen Foundation supports open collaboration and processes, and is committed to the principle that the work of this Group should be accessible to those with disabilities and in the general interest of the public.

Current Deliverables and Milestones


Current Meeting Schedule


Current Membership


Steering Committee


Current Stewards Council Representative

  • Dan Combs, representative;
  • Daniel Bennett, alternate.

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