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Enterprise Positioning


To engage the enterprises in the adoption and proliferation of user-centric identity by shaping clear articulate value propositions for communication in the enterprise space.

We believe there are many complex enterprise identity problems that can best be solved by adopting the principles, values and technologies being developed in the user centric identity community. We will work to create specific messaging to promote the adoption of user-centric identity oriented solutions within the enterprise. The messaging will provide clear, articulate value propositions positioning user-centric identity solutions in the context of well understood, enterprise problems.

The messaging will be published in such a way as to educate the owners of enterprise identity, security, and/or compliance problems as to the benefits of user centric computing. The messaging will educate across different axis including business case (cost benefit), solution structuring (solution architecture), and enterprise integration (legacy systems and current security/identity systems).


  • Our messaging will be in the enterprise identity problem domain. This will allow us best reach our intended audience.
  • Our messaging will be standards based, transparent and vendor neutral.
  • Our work will be conducted "out in the open", with clear markings for works in progress vs publishable final copy.
  • Enterprise adoption of user centric technologies may initially be biased toward peripheral cost benefits, and may not initially enable user centrism. Although this approach may not provide initial user benefits, it will act as a seeding capability, and should be encouraged


  • We work via mailing list
  • Document Development will have both complete "published" work for wide diffusion AND draft documents "in progress" not for distribution until published.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

  • Anyone with expertise or an interest in solving enterprise identity problems using use-centric identity ideas, values and technologies. Contact any group member.

Who this group is For

  • understanding and needs of identity in today's enterprise and interested in promoting user-centric solutions for those problems.
    • Those working with Vendor and have a responsibility to work with customer in implementation of (user-centric) identity solutions
    • Those working within Enterprise doing (or thinking about) (user-centric) identity implementation

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

Creative Commons

Current Deliverables and Milestones

Messaging Communication around Enterprise Adoption of User-Centric Identity Tools

Current Meeting Schedule

  • We currently have a re-occurring bi-weekly conference schedule scheduled

Current Membership

  • Dan Nelson - FBS Data Systems, dan (at) fbsdata (dot) com
  • Pete Metrulas - Hewlett-Packard
  • Gary Ardito - Novell
  • Kaliya Hamlin - Identity Woman
  • Bill Washburn - OpenID Foundation, bill (at) oidf (dot) org

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

  • Representative: Gary Ardito
  • Alternate: Pete Metrulas

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