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- effort started at the 2006 IIW. - Based most on two sessions - One called the Identity Legal Framework, The Other Identity Trust.

After an unncessful attempt to start this WG and have been waiting for Identity Company to become a formal organisation, and for the contribution of the Master Controller Access Framework (MCAF). The MCAF is focused to develop greater (more granular) access control to information for sharing, gaining access to information once it is shared, and most of all, transparency over the information sharing environment. Fundamentally an opt-in, mandatory preference approach, the MCAF is more than a default policy of control for the individual. The MCAF looks to address information sharing after disclosure and provide tools for providing a platform so that an individual can have the choice of trust when online.

Various ideas for work group focus include the development of control and trust metrics that are cross jurisdictional.

One proposal for this working group is to develop a single metric to measure if an individual has interpersonal or institutional control over personal information. Similarily there is a proposal to develop a metric for the quality and strength of transaprency in the use of identity management.

The purpose is to help support efforts that are creating an information sharing environment which enables people to manage identity, not environments that enable identity to manage people.