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Health ID Trust is working on a mechanism to enable an open-source identity stack to be available in base form to all persons and companies.

Health ID Citizen Use Case

Health ID Technical Stack Overview

Economic proposal - How to properly charge companies who leverage the OpenID / Inforamtion Cards for a person without incurring penalties to either the person or the providers that want to participate.

Technology proposal - How to combine the open stack with the health stack to create a lightweight, repeatable set of identity + information standards for base-level sharing of information in a private, yet authorized way. Initially, these groups are in scope for sharing scenarios using this technology stack.

Identity providers

Health portal providers (EHR, PHR)

Application providers

Health service providers

Health payors

Individuals in different roles (family, friends, doctors)

Public policy proposal - Focus on policy updates that enable a sharing of identity and information a base right in each supported state.