How To Contribute

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This page explains how to make a donation to Identity Commons to assist with our basic legal and operational infrastructure.

Legal Status

Identity Commons has been incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in Florida, USA, and is operating under non-profit status in the United States (501c4 or 501c6) and other jurisdictions around the world.

To Make a Contribution

To make a contribution, simply send a check made out to Identity Commons to our legal counsel:

Mr. Daniel Perry Memo: Trust Acct - ID Commons 4767 New Broad St No 1007 Orlando FL 32814-6405

Phone: +1 (407) 894-9003

Please be sure to mark it with the Memo information above to ensure it is properly credited.

We also encourage you to send a message to the Identity Commons community mailing list saying you have made a contribution.


The following initial contributions were pledged annually for three years:

Dick Hardt, Sxip $1,000

Scott Kveton, Jan Rain, $1,000

Drummond Reed, Cordance, $1,000

Daniel Perry, personal, $1,000

Iain Henderson, personal, $1,000

Eugene Eric Kim, personal, $100

Kaliya Young Hamlin, personal, $100


If you have questions, please call Daniel Perry at the number above, or contact:

   *  Kaliya Hamlin
   *  Eugene Kim
   *  Bill Washburn