I3 Relying Party Profiles

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Information Card Relying Party Profiles

Legend: Yes = supported; No = not supported; ? = unknown; tbd = support possible near term; some = some features supported


Interop Features

Profile FriendsWithCards MS Age RP LiveID Login xmldap.org RP Higgins RP IBM RP IC-Ruby IC-Java FuGen RP Pamela Project Ping Identity Simple RP Ping Identity Advanced RP CA SiteMinder RP Bandit Trac Oracle RP Bandit Podcasts PW RP Word Press IC-C Siemens DirX Access Shibboleth RP WSO2-IS mod_cspace WSO2-IS Java RP MS RP for MS IdP MS Any Issuer RP MS no-SSL RP
Features to be tested TBD

Interop Condition Handling Features


Usability Features


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