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Identity Commons Evangelism & Marketing


Provide content that will help Identity Commons, its member groups, and individuals more effectively communicate the goals, principles, and messages of Identity Commons. Assist in any evangelism efforts to bring appropriate working groups and individuals to become Identity Commons members.


  • Communication in Plain English
  • Focus on accessible communication and continuous improvement in this area. Being rigorous about the question: Are we making sense to regular people.


We plan primarily develop prototype content on the wiki, and host discussions on this topic at the community@idcommons.net list. If the discussions become too noisy for the general list, a new list will be created. Anyone may be contribute to this working group, but you must be signed up below as a working group member to vote. Before any content can be declared official (i.e. moved off of workgroup pages on this wiki onto pages like the Identity Commons home page), it requires rough consensus of working group members to agree to the content. The Working Group Steward must declare if rough consensus has been met. If there are disagreements among the working group members, or if there is a disagreement that rough consensus has been met, the disagreement can be brought by any member to the Stewards Council for their resolution.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

To join, add yourself to the list of participants below and subscribe to the community@idcommons.net list. (Since our work is closely intertwined with communicating the wholistic IC message, we will try to avoid setting up a separate mailing list just for this working group.)

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

Any work produced by this group for usage by Identity Commons is copyright and trademark of Identity Commons. It will be licensed under the appropriate Creative Commons license for free and open usage.

Current Deliverables and Milestones

  • Complete Charter (in particular, Purpose, Principles & Practices statements)
  • Problem Statement -- How is Identity Commons currently perceived vs. how it wants to be perceived? What obstacles or difficulties in explaining Identity Commons to non-members are
  • Refined Messages -- Based on the problem statement, how can we refine our messages to more effectively communicate?
  • Update to Home Page -- Based on the refined messages, do an update to the home page and other appropriate top-level pages.

Current Meeting Schedule

No regular meetings are planned at this time -- work will proceed via the current wiki and email discussion list. Teleconference calls are discouraged, but can be scheduled as needed.

Active Members

  • Christopher Allen
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Drummond Reed
  • Pam Dingle
  • Chris Messina

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

  • Christopher Allen (Primary)
  • Kaliya Hamlin (Alternate)

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