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Forum on Law of Identity and Personal Data ("Legal Forum" or "Legal Work Group")


The Purpose of the Legal Work Group is to promote information sharing, best practices, innovation and knowledge generation related to identity or personal data and the law. However, the group shall not engage in the practice of law directly. The activities of the group are intended to increase opportunities for the exchange of ideas and the creation of cross-domain or interdisciplinary approaches to identity and personal data systems or services. To that end, interplay and collaboration among and between legal, business and technical communities involved in innovating systems or services related to identity will be encouraged by this group. The group may elect to collaborate with bar associations or other organizations on events or projects, in accordance with applicable requirements and policies of the ID Commons.


The group is intended as a forum that will facilitate the exchange of ideas and information to promote learning among representatives from the legal, business and technology communities working on identity, personal data, interaction and relationship aspects of digital systems and services. This group support the principles of open, fair and free exchange of ideas.


Members of the group intend to collaborate from time to time with other working groups including by participation in meetings of the Internet Identity Workshop. The group also intends to work with the unique opportunities afforded by the ID Commons creative, flexible and open governance structures to explore and promote innovate legal models for identity and personal data systems and services.

Minimally, the group will have an ID Commons hosted Mailing list and wiki and may in addition use such other services or technologies as it selects, including externally hosted social network, short message services, blogs or other content or communication systems.

The group may publish additional or more detailed practices and procedures regarding meetings, project contributions, event policies, FAQ's and other guidance, in conformance with this charter and applicable requirements and policies of the ID Commons.

This group may elect to raise funds to support its work in accordance with applicable policies of the ID Commons.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

Participation in the group is open to all individuals. Where individuals are joining the group in a representative capacity to advocate or act on behalf of another person or organization (such as for a company, non-profit organization, governmental entity or other legal entity), they shall indicate that relationship in the information that is provided to the group. Membership in the group is initiated when an individual joins the ID Commons Mailing list.

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

Contributions to the group are licensed under the Creative Commons with Attribution license or such other Creative Commons license as may be selected by the group. When practicable, software that may be developed through or funded by the group shall be distributed under open source and free licenses selected by the group.

Current Deliverables and Milestones

As of June, 2013, the group is working on a description of upcoming online conferences and a plan to aggregate prior content. In addition, it is anticipated that the group will publish updates on deliverables and milestones from to time on it's website or other communication channels and report on it's status at meetings of the ID Commons Stewards

Current Meeting Schedule

We will have a Bay Area meeting for those interested at the next IIW meeting..Periodic call, online meetings and in-personal meetings are also anticipated.

Current Membership

  • Ray Campbell
  • Peter Nixey, Clickpass,
  • Eli Edwards, SCU School of Law,
  • Lucy Lynch, Internet Society,
  • Kermit Smelson,
  • Gabe Wachob,
  • Hiroki Itoh, NTT,
  • Phil Wolff,,
  • Nika Jones, OUNO,
  • Bob Snodgrass, n2c,
  • Jeff Hodges, Neustar,
  • Judi Clark,
  • Dave Kearns,
  • Mike Macintosh, Xpollen,
  • Dazza Greenwood
  • Bob Blakley, Burton Group,
  • Fen Labalme, CivicActions
  • J. Trent Adams, Internet Society
  • Note: A revised and updated membership list will be published on the group's website once permissions have been confirmed by recent participants.

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

  • Representative - Dazza Greenwood
  • Alternate - Ray Campbell

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