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WARNING: I'm in the process of moving this page and all content to

This project has been chartered as a Working Group under Identity Commons 2. For convenience, also points to this site.


Work in Process

* Community Dictionary Service - an open community-maintained dictionary service of attribute definitions and synonyms modelled after Wikipedia.
* MetaData --draft set of metadata types
* List Of Schemas
* Related Work

Mailing Lists

* IdSchemas list --this is the main list (very low volume)
* person-ontology list --new list for folks interested in collaborating on a "person" upper ontology


* OASIS XDI Technical Committee summary of XDI RDF model including some simple dictionary examples

Old Notes

* 2006- Oct-6- Call Notes
* Early Design/Requirements Discussion <-- just a bunch of (old and rough) notes slammed in here
* Open Issues <-- another bunch of rough notes