Mailing lists

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Our community uses mailing lists extensively to communicate and collaborate. All of our lists are available at:

Hosting and Administration

Our lists are hosted by Electric Embers using a customized version of the open source Sympa mailing list software. Each list has its own owners who can administer the list at the web site. If you have the right privileges, you will see an "admin" button next to each list, and on the list page, you will see a "Manage this group" option in the left sidebar.

We currently have four people who have administrative privileges over all the lists: Mary Ruddy, Kaliya Hamlin, Fen Labalme, and Eugene Eric Kim. Administrators have the ability to create new lists and manage the site. Administrators will see two additional tabs on the top bar: "Create Group" and "Domain Admin". If you're interested in being an admin, we would love your help! Please contact one of the current admins or express your interest on the stewards mailing list.