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OpenID Working Group


The purpose of this working group is to advance development, implemention, and adoption of the OpenID framework of specifications for user-centric identity (


This working group will function according to the Identity Commons Principles (see PurposeAndPrinciples). In addition:

  • The OpenID working group will be open to any individual or organization interested in the advancement of OpenID.
  • Specifications and open source code will be maintained by meritocracy.


How does the working group go about doing its work together?

(The Principles that you have above - are more like practices).

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

This working group will be organized as a 501c6 non-profit corporation. Membership will be determined by the bylaws of the corporation, which are currently under development at Membership will be open to any individual or organization supporting the work. To join in the discussion regarding formation of the organization and governance structure, please join the OpenID General mailing list.

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

All OpenID specifications are open, public, royalty-free specifications with no restrictions on usage. OpenID open source code is being developed under the incubating Heraldry project of the Apache Software Foundation and will be available under the Apache license.

Current Deliverables and Milestones


Current Meeting Schedule

There is not presently a regular meeting schedule. Discussion of OpenID specifications takes place on the OpenID Spec mailing list ( Telecons or face-to-face meetings are announced via this list.

Current Membership

If you wish to participate please join the OpenID General mailing list.

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

  • Representative:Don Thibeau
  • Alternate: David Recordon

Current Links

Quarterly Reports