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Project Danube is a collection of software components built on the ideals of moving away from a centralized online world and of "putting identity and personal data back under the control of individuals". At the core of the Project Danube architecture lies what is commonly known as a "Personal Data Store", which is a data repository that is fully under the control of its owner. Once that is in place, a set of modular components can provide various identity and personal data related services on top of the Personal Data Store, in order to realize visions such as the Federated Social Web, Vendor Relationship Management and other applications.

The purpose of this Working Group is to support the development work of Project Danube as well as to help with communication and interoperability with other Working Groups such as the Higgins Project and Project Nori.


  • The Project Danube Working Group will function according to the Identity Commons Principles
  • See Purpose And Principles.


Project Danube uses the following resources for its work:

Requirements of Participation and How to Join


Each working group is required by the Purpose And Principles to state its requirements for participation, if any. It must also provide explicit instructions for how to join the working group. Working group participants must read the Identity Commons ByLaws and Articles of Incorporation. Participation in a working group is agreement to abide by the ByLaws and Articles of Incorporationn

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

TBD open source license

Current Deliverables and Milestones

Current Meeting Schedule

On demand.

Current Membership

Markus Sabadello

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

Representative: Markus Sabadello

Current Links

Project Home:

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Related Groups

Project Danube shares much of its vision with other members of the following communities:


Formally founded early 2011 with code and idea roots going back several years.