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This page is about user-centric identity. Identity systems where the user is in control. It is not about enterprise identity management or traditional notions of federation and account linking.

I. Concepts, principles, background


2005 - 2nd half

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2005 - 1st half


  • "This week The [Gillmor] Gang digs deeper into digital identity with a panel of experts. It begins as a Kumbaya of identity vendors and technologies, but by the second half the gloves come off..." IT Conversations - Dec 31st, The Gillmor Gang
  • The Dawn of Independent Identity, Doc Searls, DIDW October 27, 2004 Keynote. PPT.


Augmented Social Network: Weaving Identity and Trust into the Next Generation Internet




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Policy, law and society

Related Documents


Why Trust is Bad for Security, Dieter Gollman, 2005, PPT

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