Starting Working Groups

From IdCommons

Interested in starting a new Working Group? The steps are easy:

  1. Start working. Identity Commons is a bottoms-up community. Working Groups emerge because people want to address a need.
  2. Check for existing Working Groups. If there's overlap between what you want to do and something that others are already doing, look for opportunities to collaborate.
  3. Recruit others. If you don't already have a group of people raring to go, a good place to start is by posting to the community mailing list.
  4. Create a charter and select a Steward. Start with the Working Group Charter Template.

Once you're ready to officially propose the new Working Group, announce this on the community mailing list. The Stewards Council will add it to the queue for the next vote.

  1. If a working group changes its charter after it has been approved by a vote,it must send a notification of its charter change to the community via the main email list (