Stewards Council Telecom: 2009 July 1

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2009 July 1 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST


  • Mary Ruddy
  • Elias Bizannes
  • Steve Repetti
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Lucy Lynch
  • Chris Reynolds
  • Pam Dingle
  • Bob Morgan
  • Drummond Reed
  • Densie Tayloe
  • Eugene Kim
  • John Bradley
  • Dean Landsman


Reports from Working Groups

Pamela Project - Pamela Dingle

  • Information card release coming soon. They are driving the innovation around the best practices for relying parties - so release has taken a while.
  • (I didn't get what she said about certificate management)
  • PKI is a foregon conclusion.

Bob Morgan said that there is this challenge of naming things and keeping them stable across different kinds of changes. There is a set of complicated tradeoffs hard figuring out what to do.

Pam - PKI as a community is not the best to pick up the ball and run with it - they are after the perfect solution

Bob highlighted that a colleague of his in the IETF (Nordia not sure) wrote a paper contrasting PKI vs how in higher education they have built stuff up in SAML - he said he would share a link

Information Card Foundation - Drummond Reed

  • They have been doing a lot of identity assurance framework and on US Government work and been collaborating with OpenID

Drummond mentioned how much good work had been done by Bob Morgan and Incommon.

Bob shared what was it is "the" higher eductation trust federation in the US for Internet2 - Scott Canter, Bob and others on Schib team are behind it It is an operational trust service providing basic trust and key management + SAML federation. There are 150 members and they are working with the Feds on Federation -> implemneting ideas in assurances

Drummond said that he and John Bradley were just at the eMA European Identity Conference and gave several talks there.

They also particiapted in meetings about STORK the EU project to link together in federation National ID Card/Systems they are using SAML and there was discussion about Information Cards.

Paul is working on pulling together a working group around universal user experience.

OSIS - Bob Morgan & John Bradley (from Chille)

  • The information card chain of information cards may be at an end
  • John said there is a lot of activity happening with the OpenID testing matrix and that providers are filling in the matrix when they pass the tests.
  • There is work to expand the testing to all three major protocols OpenID, Info Cards, OpenID
  • They are looking at the upcoming Gartner (dates?) meeting as a place to do engeineer driven and marketing driven demonstration/testing around all three protocols.
  • There is a summit about this happening Tuesday at Burton Group July 28th in San Diego.

Data Portability Project Elias and Steve

  • Elias was calling in from Australia
  • DPP are working on a EULA template and terms of service - basically a "Creative Commons License" for identity and data.
  • DPP is 90% conceptually complete.
  • This is a multi-year effort to support people to be able to share data and governance.
  • Conceptual framework that has modules that can be incorporated into existing Terms of Service.
  • They have thought about it terms of different "buckets" of information - ID is a big part of if along with Media (like photos)
  • Conference - for DPP they are thinking about how to collaborate with IIW.
  • They have a new women working on their communications Alisa based in NYC.
  • Elias is moving to San Francsico in a few months and will be able to be more involved.

Kids Online - Denise Tayloe

  • Last year around the time of IIW they had a conference with 40 people. She and Joi were just at the YPulse conference where they presented about the event and there was a lot of interest in participation. * * They are looking at doing it on either side of IIW - Mon or Friday
  • Related - Privo (Denise's company) has implemented Information Cards as part of the turn key solution for websites that have kids logging in.
  • At RSA they announced they are working with Axiom to do identity verification for the protect my child registry. If parents can bypass using e-mail verification if they have an information cards.
  • They are looking at how to verify minors and see information cards as a way to do so.
  • Three states are in the process of passing legisltation requiring parental involvment for teen age kids logging into sites.
  • Denise has has conversations with several large entertainment companies about these identity issues. Some have theme parks & retail outlets and could validate kids "physically." They know about OpenID but when their lawyers dig into it - not quite enough there to do what they want.

ID-Legal - Lucy Lynch

  • They haven't met since IIW. There were two lawyers at the conference Scott David and Micheal Froomkin they are going to be working on moving forward TERMS OF REFERENCE between identity and technology terms like authentication.
  • Kaliya and Lucy are working on a conference called "Map the Gap" and will be looking at the possibility of spinning up a discussion group at Kantara to collaborate with the Policy and Privacy work that Robin is doing.

Project VRM - Dean Landsman

  • VRM is working on several gigantic project
  • The Marketing Group is working on developing a piolot project with several large companies for the develompent of VRM tools.
  • The community has made quantum leaps since before IIW. They have moved from explaining the concept to explaining how it works.

Higgins - Mary Ruddy

  • The project is working on Information Card selectors for the iPhone that does not require no jail breaking. It will be going into the iPhone store soon. It does require a small change in the relying party code.
  • Kaliya asked if she was going to coordinate with Pam on this (the Pamela Project does relying party code for information cards)

IIW - Kaliya We are almost done with the notes - will be published next week. Working on sending out sponsorship requests - if you know companies we should be reaching out to let Phil and Kaliya know.

User-Centric Health - Mike Kirkwood

  • They are changing their name to User-Centered Health (Kaliya suggested patient-centric health).
  • They are putting on an event with Health 2.0 on October 5th in SF before the Health 2.0 conference.

Community BIZ

We introduced the new wordpress blog that will become the website and invited stewards to edit their pages. they need to create an account to login and then ping Eugene or Kaliya to change the permission on the account to editor - to edit the page.

We went over the new community one pager. People liked it - there was a conversation around specific langauge that may be to polarizing. It was agreed it would be changed. Dean spoke - about how he saw the community and what happens at IIW where people's ego's an company hubris is checked at the door and with this "everyone gains." He explained about a frequent thing that happens talking to others about Mike Jones from Microsoft who within the context of the community brings people together and makes a lot of good things happen that is he welcomed and doing a good job. He has shared this with people and seen their jaw drop at hearing it.

We talked about interviewing people to tell their stories about what Identity Commons means to them. We are going to put an outline together to get budget for production - to the stewards council.

We discussed tag lines. Chris had "the face of identity", there was the "open identity Community" Mike suggested after the call "for all" we are going to discuss more on the list.

.. ... .. ... .. ... .. GREAT CALL!


  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes


1) Status update reports - 1-3 minute from each project.

  • OpenID - welcome new Executive Director
  • ICF - what is going with information cards these days?
  • ID-Media and ID Futures - Short Story Contest - Logo needed
  • Project VRM - Dean Landsman - report about project progress
  • DataPortability - how was the semWeb Conference
  • OSIS - welcome new steward Bob Morgan, John Bradly
  • ID-Legal - looking at fall conference on Mapping the Gap
  • Kids Online - what are next steps?
  • IIW - Great conference - getting sponsorship documents in. Looking for ideas for confernece.
  • User-Centric Health - I think there is an event Mike is planning
  • New potential group - IDMarket - Mike needs to tell us about it.

2) Updates on action items from last call [very brief]

  • New call bridge
  • Vote is to deprovision I-Broker Commons
  • Progress on new system for blogs
  • Business Committee update - one pager and tax status election

4) Systems Tasks

  1. New blog/aggregation after new blog on new system