Stewards Council Telecom: 2009 June 3

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2009 June 3 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST

Call in number: 1-605-475-4333 access code: 181783


  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Chris Reynolds
  • Dean Landsman
  • Paul Trevithick
  • Drummond Reed
  • Mary Ruddy
  • Mike
  • UCH


  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes


1) Status update reports - 1 (short) minute from each project.

  • DataPortability - what is up? and about the free-bee afternoon coming up at Sem Web
  • Kids Online - potential conference date and Coppa Changes
  • ID-Media and ID Futures - Short Story Contest
  • OSIS - last interop and new voting
  • OpenID - new ED settling in
  • ICF - new ED settling in
  • ID-Legal - looking at fall conference on Mapping the Gap
  • IIW - it was great! please get your notes in :)
  • User-Centric Health - I think there is an event Mike is planning
  • VRM - Stuff is happening! conference had good energy
  • New potential group - IDMarket - Mike needs to tell us about it.

2) Updates on action items from last call [very brief]

  • Next vote is to deprovision I-Broker Commons
  • Progress on new system for blogs
  • Business Committee update

3) Kantara is launched.

4) Systems Tasks

  1. New blog/aggregation after new blog on new system
  2. PLEASE DO YOUR QUARTERLY REPORTS - will be bugging people for and getting quarterly reports (to be published prior)


The Super Mini-IIW checkin Opening was GREAT! and took 1/2 an hour.

Mike - user-centric health -> merger health camp with user-centric health activity.

  • outcome projects - artifacts describing how people can
  • health-camp - October 5th - component of identity stack. Personal health patterns with healthcare team.

Drummond - working on government stuff (can't say much)

  • XRD1 stuff is going well at OASIS - into public reivew - it is its own spec but being done by the XRI TC.
  • XRI3 spec is going well.

Paul - there is nothing new at schema’s

  • invited to participate in upcoming government sponsored workshop connect internet2 Tao of Attributes - including Mark Wahl, Eve Malher, Bob Morgan. September 26-28 at NIH
  • InfoCard/OpenID and civic participation


  • working on improving higgins site
  • working on packaging things so people can download stuff and kick the tires for 1.1
  • fewer number of solutions
  • Late Summer is the goal.

Azigo is geting selector adoption -

  • Information cards have flipped over from being theoretical to being real.
  • People are seeing how all these things are fitting together (openID, SAML, InfoCards)

Dean Landsman

  • VRM update - VRM Workshop before IIW
    • It was very encouraging and gratifying - so much of the discussion and patterns of thought and seemed to continue through IIW. At the workshop - people are understanding more
      • impressed with Mike Ozburn - project working with tradesman for the home.
      • Iain MyDex project is making motion
    • Larger picture people understanding, discussing and how their identity projects have a VRM component.
    • The VRM Project is considering how to fit around the next IIW too.


  • IIW - great conference, Get your notes in. Next one is November 3-5 (Tuesday to Thursday).
  • Kids Online - likely going to do an event November 2nd. Going to focus on being a place for different kids groups to be together and share.
  • ID-Media, ID-Futures - working on a short story contest

  • I-Broker Commons
    • This is being de-provisioned - vote coming soon.
  • Blog system - Kaliya is working on New IC blog content. any help or suggestions welcom
  • Chris Reynolds is working on a one pager for funding purposes.
  • Kantara was raised - asking of folks had thoughts.
    • Dean and Chris asked for an explaination.
    • Mary shared her thoughts and Kaliya added hers.
      • The organization began being developed last year by the same people behind liberty. It has a bicameral model of participation. It has 4 main kinds of participation. Members (orgs and companies) these are divided into paying and not paying. Paying ones are on the Trustee Council and in aggregate have final budget approval and deal with staff. There are Discussion Groups and Working Groups. If working on technical things they have an IP Agreement in place and a standards body picked out that they will take work to when finished. Working Group leaders are on a Leadership Council. A clear strucutral difference - at IC all groups are “the same” or “equals” or “peers” even though they have very different natures there are only 1st class groups. Pamela (in the past has) pointed out this form choice was something that really attracted her to Identity Commons.

  • Mike Kirkwood talked about what he saw and liked in Identity Commons being a place to share with peer organizations. The light weight nature of what we have and the inter-relationship between groups and commitments among them. A log of relationships between groups if you will.
    • Kaliya said this This would reduce confusion help orient folks to the community (rather then creating an “uber-org” that does it all.
    • Dean said he liked having a loosely joined “federation” and sharing amongst the groups considering things that are shared and also learning about ideas that have not yet been thought about by one group in another.
    • Mike - joked that they all could be expressed in XRI :)
    • Mike took on a first step looking through some of the notes from past IIW’s - Dean is going to also participate and he is going to invite others to join - taking some small parts of reading to do this too.
  • Dean highlighted some issues with the UI around identity sites like this site that says Groups but is lists. He has some feedback we are going to listen too.
  • Kaliya mentioned Mike Ozburn's new group that needs to go through the charting process about Identity Markets - we will likely have the vote this month when he asks for it.
The IDMarket Group Charter -
The goal of the IDMarket Working group to help develop the 
general public's understanding of "Identity-based services," or "Trusted Services."

Our purpose is two-fold: 
(1) to help business leaders understand 
the technology and business dynamics that support the move to 
Trusted Services; and 
(2) to help consumers understand how to 
seek out or take advantage of Trusted Services.

More specifically, our purpose is to help businesses, 
merchants, and service providers understand the opportunity to 
improve their relationships with consumers, customers, or 
individuals in general by developing the ability to interact 
with each within the context of a trusted relationship.
In a similar way, our goal is to help find ways to help 
educate the general public about the topics and technologies 
that will lead to the introduction of Trusted Services.

This working group will operate by the Identity Commons principles.

We will develop our materials and discuss our work on an 
Open Mailing List.

  • Same call - hopefully on a new number - next month. July 1 (happy Canada Day!)