Stewards Council Telecom: 2010 August 4

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2010 August 4 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST - 1-201-793-9022 passcode 7990866#


  • Chris Reynolds
  • Mary Ruddy
  • John Bradley
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Dean Landsman
  • Drummond Reed
  • Dan Perry
  • Paul Trevithick
  • Aaron Titus


  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes


1) Status update reports - 1-3 minute from each project.

  • OpenID, ICF, ID-Media and ID Futures, Project VRM, DataPortability, OSIS, ID-Legal, Kids Online, IIW, User-Centric Health, Higgins

2) Update on votes and discussion periods.

4) Upcoming events: IIW-East and other GOV 2.0 week events.

5) Progress on budget, blogging, communications and other infrastructure items


  • Mary: I’ve added the call-in number to the agenda page, so it is easier to find.
  • Mary: While we are waiting for people to join, we can talk about some tactical items. We have a new, clean, virtual server to which to move the identity commons blog. The person who is doing the moving is having trouble finding the virus in the existing blog so that he doesn’t inadvertently move it to the new location for the blog.
  • John: With viruses for WordPress, the vector is normally in the data. It is entirely driven out of MySQL.
  • Dan: Will try to move it to new machine.
  • Dan: I thought we were moving to Drupal.
  • Dan: There was a change of plans to make updates easier.
  • Dan: Send me the information so that we can charge the new hosting fee to my credit card.
  • Mary: We can handle this offline.
  • Dan: We should also upgrade the budget.
  • Mary: The new server is already in the budget.
  • Mary: John, do you know who can help Stas find the virus?
  • John: Not off hand. Pam probably would have the best notion.
  • Mary: Pam is on vacation.
  • Kaliya: Pam will be willing to help.
  • Mary: So I have a second action item to follow-up with Pam.
  • Mary: The general instructions are to move all of the blog to the new server, except the virus.
  • Mary: Kaliya can you tell us about IIW-East?
  • Kaliya: We are having our first IIW-East. It is Sep 9-10 in DC. And now we need people to register. That is my job today, to work on registration and blog posts.
  • Mary: People should put references [to IIW-East] on their own blogs and websites
  • John: I booked my airplane ticket yesterday.
  • Kaliya: Are the Protiviti people registered?
  • John: Debbie and I communicated yesterday. The NIH-Protiviti people are coming.
  • Aaron: I was going to send out emails on this. I went to Identity Commons and saw nothing there.
  • Mary: I put something there yesterday.
  • Kaliya: You can point them to It has the links for all three of the next IIWs
  • Mary: That looks great!
  • Kaliya: If you clink on the DC button, it takes you to the DC registration.
  • Kaliya: I will make another set of badges (web logo buttons) and hook them to the wiki.
  • Kaliya: Phil is also worried about Europe. I’m less, as we have a per person site fee that includes food.
  • Dan: Will IIW Europe get the un-conference approach?
  • Kaliya: Yes. They have been asking for it as current events haven’t been letting people get work done. It is just one day in *Europe.
  • Dan: Do we have testimonials from attendees?
  • Kaliya: No. We were much better about collection those in the beginning. We should probably ask the IIW-Europe organizer to do this. In a way, we are trying to do this with the DC invite by listing key people who are registered.
  • Dan: Marketing is everything. If we could give them a short, tweetable, and re-tweetable testimonial, that would be great.
  • Dan: Are we doing a pure un-conference, or are we still doing a keynote?
  • Kaliya: In both cases, I will give an introduction talk about the context of IIW. There is another question about what IIW11 will become. We now have people looking for information about implementations. In the beginning, we were just talking about the edge. Now that the conference has grown and protocols have matured, don’t want to leave people out.
  • Aaron: I was at the White House last week to talk about NSTIC, and asked if they would participate in an open forum. We could make this a forum for them to explain NSTIC. If we could turn it into that, we already have an active coalition to engage.
  • Kaliya: Clearly NSTIC is important. That is important. I just don’t want it to be a whole morning of talking heads.
  • Aaron: We are sold about what an un-conference is.
  • Kaliya: I’m open to that idea. And I think Phil would be to. Can we have a call later today about what the invitation should be? Want it to be a forum for existing communities to move the ball forward and that is clearly one of them. It should help with sponsorship too.
  • Aaron: Shoot me an email. I’m flexible today.
  • Dean: I’m on the call.
  • Kaliya: How is the VRM Summit coming?
  • Dean: On Aug 26-27, there will be a VRM-CRM Conference at Pound Hall at Harvard Law. We are looking at this to be an event where people from the CRM and commercial side see how we can work together. We are working very hard on that. There is a very big CRM event going on in NY talking about social CRM, which is similar to VRM. It is an exciting and active and interesting moment. We’re matriculating from being only a Berkman entity to being its own self contained entity. Exciting times in VRM world.
  • Kaliya: I’ll send you the note I sent Doc. Can IIW be seen as a forum in London for showing how VRM is key and not just for freaks? There is in interesting dance between VRM being about identity. I don’t think CRM people will be coming to IIW. How do we make sure the VRM community is activated to come to IIW London.
  • Drummond: I think that is a question best directly posed to the people who are active there. While VRM is its own continuing entity, it is a close cousin. There should be cohesion between VRM and IIW.
  • Drummond: I apologize for joining late. If the topic is IIW and VRM, are there any conclusions being reached?
  • Dean: Adriana, Ian, I don’t think any of them would have a problem with IIW.
  • Kaliya: I just want to name it right so there is cross registration.
  • Kaliya: Drummond do you want to give us a report on your stuff?
  • Drummond: I’m juggling the balls for ICF and OIX and the rest of my time I working on the creation of the PDS ecosystem. Some of it in conjunction with Kaliya and everyone else who wants to do that.
  • Kaliya: Is there anything in particular you think is working on the interop?
  • Mary: That is an OSIS thing.
  • Drummond: When I’m wearing my IC hat, hat, it was really good. It was more successful at RSA, not just because the bits interoped. It was a larger community, multiple protocols and multiple LOA, so it highlighted more issues and had better visibility than at RSA; but Mary is more closely attuned.
  • John: It more closely related to things we would actually use. Pretty much none of it worked perfectly, and that was good. Now we have tasks for vendor to focus on to that next time it will work better.
  • Mary: The visibility was much higher. There was a panel to debrief after the interop, and there were multiple mentions in other presentations.
  • John: The people who came to the event saw a shiny thing.
  • Mary: We also used the event as a forcing function for the creation of John’s Federation Interoperability working group at *Kantara to set the standard for multi- protocol meta-data interoperability.
  • John: I will try to keep some of the endpoints up. I’ve talked with some of the vendors. They are not interested in having OSIS host some SAML endpoint, as this is politically sensitive.
  • Mary: Please explain.
  • John: Kantara is vendors certifying themselves as good. Have test endpoints that are the other vendors. Their testing is by the vendors for the vendors. So it makes it difficult to do test endpoints for negative testing. There is interest in permanent test endpoints, that is, open source tests available on the internet. This will enable Kantara to test more. So this isn’t competitive. It is positioned to be complementary, i.e. open source
  • Mary: It would be great if you can provide some additional endpoints.
  • Drummond: John do you have any thoughts on how this can integrate OSIS more with what Kantara wants to do, testing test suites and that sort of thing?
  • John: The conversation I’m having is with Joni and the IOP. If we can get options tests, they might be included in Kantara’s September round of testing. Everyone sees it as useful. Everyone wants someone else to pay for it. I need to see what I can scourge together. I lobbied MS for this.
  • Mary: How much space do you need?
  • John: I need a windows machine.
  • Mary: All mine are Linux.
  • John: I’m leaning on MS to provide free hosting. For the Linux stuff, I can probably tap a university. I’m going to try to get OIDF to pay Andrew to clean up and build test for them as well. That is pretty much what is up with OSIS.
  • John: I take it that the dates for IIW 11 are now set in stone?
  • Kaliya: Why are you asking?
  • John: Now I see that they were tentative and now are not tentative. Just wanted to make sure so I can book flights.
  • Kaliya: Yes. It is set.
  • Kaliya: I’m having an internal debate with myself. Should I reduce it to 2 days and leave a day for other organizations to have meetings?
  • Drummond: That is interesting. It acknowledges that there are more and more projects that are far enough along that they need their own dedicated time.
  • Drummond: That is interesting Kaliya.
  • Dean: Are there any updates on Washington? I may have missed the beginning.
  • Mary: Yes. We are moving forward with planning for the first IIW-East in DC on September 9-10.
  • Kaliya: The URL for registration is This is the URL for registering for all the IIW’s
  • Dean: The world we live in is familiar and immediate to us, but to others it isn’t . We need to constantly remind and educate people.
  • Dean: This website is nicely done. We should do an IIW story. We could sell a lot of IIW t-shirts.
  • Dean: And do it with an outsourcer that creates the merchandise as it is ordered.
  • Kaliya: I’m glad you like the site. I will work more to promote it in the community.
  • Drummond: I found it very helpful also.
  • Kaliya: Our time is up. Mary and I are excited that so many people attended the call in August [vacation time] when we didn’t bug people to come.
  • Paul: I’m here also
  • Chris: And so is Chris Reynolds.
  • Mary: Other items. I’m still waiting for the latest draft of the budget.
  • Dan: I’ve been extracting the data. I’ll send it by Friday.
  • Kaliya: That was all I had.
  • Mary: The other agenda item is the discussion period for the new "The Givotovsky "New Digital Deal" Working Group has ended.
  • Dean: I have to go. Can you open the voting for the Givotovsky working group today?
  • Mary: Yes, I can do it today.
  • Dean: Please do. I want to voice my support.
  • Kaliya: Do you have anything else?
  • Silence
  • Kaliya: Thank you everyone.