Stewards Council Telecom: 2010 January 7

From IdCommons

Stewards Council Telecon: 2010 January 6 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST


  • Mary Ruddy
  • Dan Perry
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • John Bradley
  • Drummond Reed
  • Chris Reynolds
  • Mike Kirkwood


  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes


1) Status update reports - 1-3 minutes from each project.

  • OpenID, ICF, ID-Media and ID Futures, Project VRM, DataPortability, OSIS, ID-Legal, Kids Online, IIW, User-Centric Health, New potential group, etc.

2) What you think Identity Commons' goals should be for 2010.


Mary at this first Stewards call of the New Year, we will have our regular check-in and then talk about what IC should focus on for 2010.

OSIS (John) - OSIS isn't don't anything on its own at RSA this year. OASIS is going an expo with KMIP and IMI interops. If there is sufficient interest in doing IMI interop at OASIS, the OSIS will help organize the interop, using the government profile as the scenario. So far the GSA and Microsoft have agreed to participate, there may be more. We need to decide if there are enough participants to make it an unbiased interop. Outside of the official interop, people are still working on their interop tests. The main focus on interop testing has been around the GSA profile for OpenID and Information Cards. Burton also wants to do an interop based on government profiles at Catalyst. If the Burton Group decides to do this, it is good for ICF and OSIS and OpenID.

ICF (Drummond) - The joint steering committee of ICF and OIDF completed its work before the break and agreed to move forward with the certification work and the creation of OIX (the Open Identity Exchange). The ICF board meets this Friday to review the recommendation. The OIDF board meeting is on the 20th.

OIDF (Drummond) - Congratulations to John Bradley for being elected to the board.

XDI (Drummond) - It is being used in the new version of Azigo under development. The MyDex folks in London are putting together funding for an address book synchronization via smart phones that is XDI based.

Higgins (Mary) - New press release on Higgins website announcing that Sitrus, LLC have contributed an Information Card selector for Android. On a related note, Markus Sabadello, a Higgins committer has created Card Gears ( CardGears is "an STS with a pretty UI and easy-to-use HTTP REST APIs. The idea is that instead of setting up and running your own STS, you create a CardGears account and then configure and issue cards via the web interface and/or the APIs." Some people refer to this as a "proxy STS".

Mike - Was added to the California HIE initiative (Health Information Exchange.) Lots of use cases around receipt of care, and how patients can access this information. Lots of very challenging use cases. Aggregated view of individuals between multiple providers, etc. Has a flavor of VRM. From the identity point of view, there are several user cases that are well understood from a health care point of view. For e-prescribing, people should be able to indicate a preference for prescription providers. It isn't clear where and how this preference should be set so it aggregates globally across multiple providers. The California HIE has set up a privacy and security group. They are working on creating metrics to grade themselves when they are done.

IIW (Kaliya) - Event was successful. It was profitable, so IIW is sending a check for $2000 to Identity Commons.

Mary (Thank you Phil and Kaliya!)

Kaliya - Response to sponsorship requests for the next IIW are already positive. Then November IIW will be either the 1st or 2nd week in November. So people who have a preference, should let it be known.

Drummond - What about the east coast?

Kaliya - One of the things that has been percolated would be to hold an IIW like event on the east coast around some of the government stuff. It would be interesting to convene something around the new organizations spinning up. That would be a separate conversation.

IC finance(Mary for Dan) - Dan was on the call earlier, but had to leave. He sent an initial end of year financial update to the list. I will be working with Dan to draft the preliminary budget for next year.

Kaliya - Next topic is to talk about what goals Identity Commons should have for 2010.

Drummond - My first instinct is to make sure we continue to focus on IIW, so it continues to be successful. ICF and OIDF value it for its major role in the creation of the Open Identity Framework. There will be a whole subset of topics around that. It is a critical thing. Both ICF and OIDF plan to support it.

Drummond - One other thought. We are moving to the stage of actually creating infrastructure for the identity layer of the internet (like DNS). So what other elements of the infrastructure need to be in place? Gelling this requires a lot of cross collaboration. We won't finish that job this year, but we will make a lot of progress and will be working on the Open Trust Framework. Things will get more tangible this year. All the subcontractors need to be on the same page. OSIS will become more important, and the interops may surface more conflicts.

Kaliya - I'm working on an Ignite talk for this Saturday on why we are "not at war" because there is so much conflict. There is consensus that if one dominant player wins, everyone looses. That the protocols and infrastructure that is built needs to be open. The media likes to write about who is winning and who is loosing. So how do we resist the media framing this as a war?

Drummond - It is not a battle worth fighting. It is a natural tendency of the media to report tension. You can't avoid this tendency, and any coverage is good coverage.

Chris - I'd love to see us do more outreach, do less and do it better.

Mary - Chris do you mean more works on blogs or making our joint sponsorship of events more visible?

Chris - I think that IC is doing a great job with IIW and wiki's. IIW has a great reputation. I would like to have us take a higher profile, PR, etc. I think we are doing good stuff, people just need to hear about it.

John - We need to do more work on interop. Now there are commercial entities that are putting resources into commercial certification so we need to keep on eye on this to make sure there are open alternatives. And we also need to ensure that there are trust framework providers that represent the public good (as commercial providers enter the space.) We are the one voice that has the purpose of rising above the interests of specific commercial interests.

Kaliya - The guys from the privacy coalition, (Liberty Coalition?) Do you see reaching out to groups like that?

John - Yes, and the ABA has parallel activities.

Mary - One person who couldn't be on the call today because he is in the air is Scott David (ID legal group). Scott is doing a lot of good work on the legal issues of the trust framework, and working on the privacy implications of implementations. He is running the Identity Management Task Force meeting of the ABA Cyberspace Law Committee Winter Working Meeting Jan 29-30 in Miami.

Drummond - Yes. The policy people care that the infrastructure does its job. They don't care about the technology details, we need to frame the issues in terms of policy problems not technology. If we invite them to IIW, we will need to have a much broader mix of topics. They can be oil and water unless you are careful about the mixture.

Kaliya - Yes. ID legal is having an event March 17 and 18 in DC.

Kaliya - Next time we can talk about IIW and who we should invite.