Stewards Council Telecon: 2007 October 17

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Following are the meeting minutes for the Stewards Council telecon held at 9AM PT on October 17th, 2007.


  • Eugene Kim
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Drummond Reed
  • Gabe Wachob
  • Peter Davis
  • Bill Washburn
  • Mary Ruddy
  • Fen Labalme
  • Victor Grey
  • Brett McDowell


  • Update from Eugene and Dan about the status of the brand transfer between old and new IdentityCommons legal entities.
    • Action items to complete this.
  • Update from Dan on any other legal action items.
  • Budget report.
  • Status of website and wiki
  1. needs to be updated to the most recent Drupal 6
  2. CiviCRM does not (yet) work with Drupal 6, but it will soon
  3. IA? design? theme? content?
      • Transferring Moin Moin Wiki to Media Wiki
  • Status of current Working Groups
  • What are the new proposed Working Groups
    • these will be voted on in mailing list
  • Prep for IIW - Design Team and Invitation Help (Kaliya will speak to)
    • T-Shirt Design
  • Fund raising Plan
    • Support for ChiefCatalyst (talked about initially on 3/7/07)
  • Other business
  • Scheduling next meeting

Meeting Notes

Brand Transfer

  • Eugene explained that the brand transfer was pending outcome of settlement between, Cordance, and the original Identity Commons. That agreement was finished on September 13, 2007. This cleared the path to complete the brand transfer. Dan Perry was not available on this call to update us on the status of the actual brand transfer; Eugene will check with him via email after the call.

DNS Handling

  • Fen will create an email alias dns at
  • Alias will go to Eugene, Fen, and Bill.
  • Management of DNS account entries will include an adminstrator from Parity Communications.


  • The problem with MoinMoin has been access control and spam.
  • Mediawiki has several features that MoinMoin does not, including OpenID support.
  • Fen’s suggestion for migration:
    • Keep the old MoinMoin wiki for historical record.
    • Bring up a new Mediawiki.
    • Have each Steward/Working Group migrate their Working Group’s content to the new wiki.
    • Add notifications to the old wiki pointing to the new wiki.
    • Shut down write access to the old wiki but keep it for historical content.
  • There was concensus on this plan, and Fen will try to bring up the new Mediawiki within the next few days.


  • Fen proposed that we use Drupal 6, which is in beta. It has integrated OpenID.
    • Fen pointed attendees to as an example.
  • The other option would be to use MediaWiki.
  • The consensus was that Drupal will provide a stronger platform, because we’d also like to host a community blog.
  • Fen will set it up.
  • Kaliya will drive the content development process with assistance from Eugene, Drummond, and any other volunteers.

Working Groups

  • Eugene proposed that we send an email to the community mailing list asking conveners of new Working Groups to post and/or clean up their charters on the wiki before the end of the month (a two-week period).
  • The Stewards Council will then commence review of the revised or proposed new Working Groups per the Stewards Council charter.

IIW and Fundraising

  • Kaliya is holding an design session for the next IIW (December 3-5). If you can’t attend, please contact her.
  • Fen suggested that there be a meeting on the Monday of IIW about Identity Commons, helping to educate the community on what Identity Commons is, how it relates to the Working Groups (IIW being one Working Group), and how they can help support it.


  • Eugene proposed to also use IIW as a fundraiser – ask attendees and sponsors to contribute to Identity Commons at the same time they are registering for IIW. Specific follow-thru on this means:
    • Articulating what we doing and what the strategy is for funding IC.
    • Making phone calls and having meetings to help drive donations.

Stewards Council Telecon Schedule

  • Eugene proposed that we hold a call on the first Wednesday of the month at 9AM PT.
  • Brett felt that there are too many “larger issues”, such as budget and fundraising strategy, for us to only have one call per month at this * Drummond suggested that more progress on these larger issues between Stewards Council calls be coordinated by Kaliya as Chief Evangelist.
  • Eugene pointed out that the energy to follow through on these issues must come from the community, and that it should be sufficient for the Stewards Council as a whole to have a call monthly.

Action Items


  • Will set up alias (dns – at ** idcommons - dot ** net).
  • Set up new MediaWiki with OpenID plugin and send email to the community list.
  • Update a staging site for the external website at


  • Drive choosing a theme and integration of the new logo with the Drupal site.
  • Drive content development for the new Drupal site.
  • Work with Eugene to add fundraising support to the IIW registration page and sponsoring process.


  • Send email to the community list about updating and proposing new Working Groups.
  • Check with Dan about completing the brand transfer.
  • Assist Kaliya in content development for the new website.
  • Arrange a telecon number for the next Stewards call.


  • Complete the brand transfer from the original Identity Commons to the new Identity Commons.


  • Check with Owen Davis regarding any funds that may flow to Identity Commons from the outcome of the Commons agreement.
  • Assist Kaliya in content development for the new website.


  • Assist Kaliya in content development for the new website.


  • Migrate current wiki content to the new Mediawiki when it is ready.