Stewards Council Telecon: 2008 April 2

From IdCommons


  • Christopher Allen
  • Peter Davis
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Eugene Eric Kim
  • Fen Labalme
  • Brett McDowell
  • Dale Olds
  • Dan Perry
  • Drummond Reed
  • Mary Ruddy


  • Identity Gang moving to IdCommons mailing list
  • IIW
    • Design Call at 9AM on Friday
    • Blogging about it would be good :)
  • Marketing / Evangelism as a formal working group
  • Process questions


Renaming the Identity Gang List

Renaming the list. Like the Google Groups interface better. Could use the Google Groups as a web archive. Up to the Identity Gang. Really up to Paul.

Why make the request?

Process. Courtesy: tell community that this is our intent. mass subscribe? can we support the list? Spam. Stay on Google Groups? VRM folks have been having problems with it.

Take it to Phil, Paul. Collab working group needs to evaluate the tools. Chris. Brett and Drummond: Invite Dean Landsman and Joe Andrieu.


It's coming up. Get the word out, invite people to come. Design call on Friday at 9am PDT.

Newbies list has been active. Will get feedback.

Still looking for sponsorship.

How to make IIW closer to IC? Branding.

IC Evangelism & Marketing

Should IC Evangelism & Marketing be a formal Identity Commons working group? After hearing no objections, Christopher Allen agreed to propose the current charter to the list for approval.


.net vs .org.

Finances? Identity Commons provides infrastructure to community. What's the process around finances? Does bookkeeping need to be open? Do we still have a cap on how much people can contribute? How would IC cap affect WG cap?

How would it work to bring in more structured group as Working Group?

Can a working group operate under confidentiality of its members?

Transparency? OSIS confidentiality of members. At very first interop, some of the testing was access-controlled. After that, never done that again.

Benevolent dictatorship violate principle 3? Okay as long as it's transparent.

Spirit of empowerment over spirit of enforcement.

Some people may not want to step forward until these questions are answered.

OpenID as a test case for these questions.

Next Call

Next Stewards Call is May