Stewards Council Telecon: 2008 November 5

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2008 November 5 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST From IdCommons Jump to: navigation, search

Call in number: 1-605-475-4333 access code: 181783



  • Mary Ruddy, Chair
  • Eugene
  • Drummond Reed
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Dean Landsman
  • Charles Andres
  • Dan Perry
  • Paul Trevithick


  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes
  • Status update reports - 1 minute from each project.

Vote(s) in process.

  1. Changing Working Groups to Action Groups. 

New Items

  1. Stewards council quorum
  2. New groups planning conferences
  3. IIW


Action Groups Report

  • Higgins: (Mary) did its status report, completed a f2f on architectures, and will be at IIW next week.
  • VRM: (Dean) progress on many fronts but keeping a low public profile due to lack of readiness; Progress in
    • marketing
    • principles and standards
    • met with Public Media (NPR, Public Interactive, at Berkman Oct 17
    • weekly meetings on the 'relationship button' and work toward a standard and proof of concept
    • identifying 'big box' players to be potential allies, sponsors
    • Europe - multiple activities -- lots of social energy for VRM
    • Liberty Alliance has started a voluntary personal information group -- see:
  • Information Card Foundation (Charles) Status Report, 1-pager for IIW, 5 new working groups, including one to work on Schemas to be shared with IC Schemas Action group, Sponosring both IIW and Kids Online
  • IIW (Kaliya) -- sold sponsorships, registration may be lower, kids on line is small but a good day; some sponsorship available
  • Identity futures - holding pattern, John Kelly will be at IIW to do futures mapping.

looking at the future and landscape of possibilities. not yet on the web.

  • OSIS -- (Charles for Dale) -- OSIS will have 4 hour meeting about I5 feature testing and use cases on Tuesday PM at IIW; working with Concordia on a common industry interop at RSA -- as of yesterday, some consensus that 4 hours of interop on the Sunday before (a pretext of preparing for Monday's meeting) and a 1/2 day session on the front of RSA is proposed; working out details for cost and paying for it. )
  • Identity Schemas (Paul) -- still dormant, but behind scenes activity to breathe new life into the effort started over a year ago; expect synergy with ICF schemas, OpenID, etc. Establishing a common dictionary service. This is a good example of a group that can only exist at a community location like Identity Commons; work by other groups will help solve the harmonization and timing issues of getting the rest of the ecosystem prepped to consume IC proposed schemas.
  • XDI Commons (Drummond) lots going on XDI on Higgins, XDI for java -- solving outstanding issues with W3C; good response to the next proposal -- XRI TC will meet after IIW on 11/13; ref. XRI3 syntax.
  • Dan Perry -- Kaliya snet inquireis on wire transfers for some sponsors...received no. of payments -- all invoices forwarded have been taken care of.
  • Pamelaware (Pamela) couldn't make call
  • Chris sent regrets == will be at IIW next week.

II. A discussion begun about setting the tone on Day 1 evolved to a discussion of the ID Commons logo, with consensus that action groups should place the ID commons logo on their websites. Dan commented that The brand is working because people are aware of IC," but that Marketing doesn't just happen with a logo and a website nothing happens unless you actively market. He suggested taking advantage of something like Phil Windley's podcasting service. -- a.i. phil -- can we have more podcasts? and generate IC common website.

Action Items:

  • Paul to forward the logo artwork
  • Charles and Dean to put the logo on the ICF and Project VRM websites
  • Getting ftp access to the website should enable putting the logo and usage instructions on the site.
  • Paul to look at getting the "Action Group" words added to a variant of the logo for action groups
  • Paul to get to Dan the amount he donated to IDC when he paid for the logo.

Dan: The brand is working because people are aware of IC. Marketing doesn't just happen with a logo and a website nothing happens unless you actively market. Take advantage of something like Phil W's podcasting service. -- a.i. phil -- can we have more podcasts? and generate IC common website.

Kaliya - talked to Aldo about Digital Identity on the podcast. what would aldo need to start doing it again? Need to find a podcast editor.. e.g Scott Mays $75/hr -- ID Commons podcast -- commit to doing 2 a month. the abilty to do the editing... sponsors may be willing to pay for this; including editing and podcast transcribed, then get the license to useing the text and using it on the website to generate traffic. suggested Dan.

Kailya: Do we really need sponsors? If there is a surplus from IIW, we could create podcasts edited

Dan: but sponsors would be invested in being part of this, to gain the air of credibility. A.I. Kaliya figure out where the bottlneck is....

Dean -- has long broadcasting experience. Suggested creating a subgroup of the Marketing group to discuss this specifically -- time, urgency, schedule, how to do it, transcript wonderful, getting a separate site, getting RSS feed, getting a list of the podcasts.

= Mary -- Working groups to action groups prefix.. IDCommons branding - -messaging and communication groups...have people's thoughts change?

Charles: rethinking action groups; does the term work?

Mary/Kailya: Yes..these are different from traditional working groups -- they are more independent, not in a hierarchy - not under the control of IDC.

Gene: action groups were a compromise. Thought prefix/suffix idea is worth discussing. Should we move on that? straw poll --

Terminology still needs to be defined

WGs when they were groups, when they apply, they would self identity as prefix or suffix. prefix iapplies to thype s what we have now. Suffix would be more of an affiliation.

Prefix -- more neutral community forums

Suffix -- more specific to a tech - affiliate - subscribe to IC values, will be part of community, The stewards council shouldn't determine who is what.

Drummond: We still need a term to refer to these entities; apathy on the stewards call, or it will linger.. is this the biggest stumbling block to Bandit becoming part of IC?

Paul == keyword is 'affiliated' for suffix groups. any other word implies liability. worried about implied liability of prefix idea.

Dan: from a legal perspective the naming scheme does not necessarily implicate liability issues.

Mary: the branding issue prefix suffix aspect needs to move forward --

Drummond :how do we refer to these groups?

  • definition
  • example of each.
    • prefix:
      • "IC IIW"
    • suffix:
      • "Pamela Project" an Action Group of IC

Dan: no one disagrees with the general point, Dale ( bandit, Pamela (Pam Proj already are steward

Dan: concerned with steward apathy -- people are voting without being clear about what we are voting for. e.g. No one did the due diligence to assure that WGs we approved had fulfilled their obligations; some had not.

Time ran out on the call. Charles reminded all that he had taken the A.I. at the last meeting to create the wiki pages for the Unified_Messaging_Wiki. And being a wiki, more contributions are welcome. Mary asked Charles to Unified_Messaging_Wiki lead a session on this topic at IIW next week.