Stewards Council Telecon: 2008 October 1

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2008 October 1 - call to start at 9:15 PT, 12:15 ET From IdCommons Jump to: navigation, search

Call in number: 1-605-475-4333 access code: 181783

[edit] Attending

  • Christopher H. Reynolds
  • Dale Olds
  • Mary Ruddy
  • Charles Andres
  • Eugene Kim
  • Kaliya
  • Lucy
  • Chris Allen
  • Judi
  • Dan Perry
  • David Recordon

[edit] Agenda

Review of agenda

Volunteer to take notes

Updates on action items from last call

  1. DAN Proposal on use of card to access PayPal account.
  2. MARY to update charter process
  3. MARY to update on service providers

Vote(s) in process.

  1. Changing Working Groups to Action Groups. 
  2. Chair of the Stewards Council

New Items

  1. Stewards council quorum
  2. New groups planning conferences 
  3. Update on IDTBD meetings and V2 proposal, current recommendation (MARY, KALIYA, DRUMMOND)and recommendation. IDTBD Summary

[edit] Notes of Call

1. Recent votes and Stewards council quorum

  • Eugene - We held two votes, neither got a quorum. In order for a vote to succeed, need a quorum. Currently have 18 stewards, so 10 people must vote.
  • Chris - I wasn't sure that I could vote, since I was just voted in as a new steward.
  • Eugene - Discussion occurred before new stewards were added, but vote was afterwards.
  • Dan - That is correct, Chris could have and should have voted.
  • Charles - I'm in the same boat. I didn't know that the vote was called.
  • Eugene - We are looking into other voting tools, but haven't yet found one that meets our requirements. I'm going to send a revote out, and I will email all the stewards individually.
  • Judi - I had a question about alternates. I'm an alternate. Should I be voting?
  • Eugene - Alternates only vote if there are designated as the steward for the particular vote.
  • Dan- It's not that you can't vote, it just that your vote won't count if the main steward votes.
  • Eugene - So go ahead and cast vote, and we will determine if the alternate’s vote counts. It would help if people specify that are voting as main steward or as alternate.
  • Eugene - Will do a revote on chair. Not on action groups. Less people voted on the action group issue than the chair issue. People may have abstained because they didn't feel strongly about it.
  • Eugene - II would suggest we try to avoid that by telling people to formally abstain [rather than not voting.]
  • Eugene - Table this to the IDTBD discussion.. There may be better proposals to the action group concept..
  • Dan - I support that: a revote on chair and letting the other go for the time being.

2. DAN Proposal on use of card to access PayPal account.

  • Mary - the next items is next steps for using a card to access the PayPal account.
  • Eugene - We just need to tell PayPal who and how many. PayPal charges a service fee, but some may need access for some function [event].
  • Kaliya - There is also the issue of getting the addressed changed.
  • Dan- I thought it was. Will double check.
  • Eugene - Let me address that. That was my action item. Dan set it up and got it verified. It was my action item to add the additional addresses. I did it this morning, but there is an email alias problem and I need to circle back with Fen. That should be cleared-up today. Can use to receive money and to migrate the mailing list over to electric embers [spend money].
  • Dan - While we were on the topic, Have already cleared up the issue with the registration with the state of Florida. A form was misdirected. Current registration should be reflected online soon.
  • Chris - If we had a quorum of stewards on a call can we take action?
  • Eugene - No. Our ByLaws require us to vote electronically so that there is an email trail of the votes.
  • Judi - A quick question about alternates. Am I now the steward?
  • Judi - Am I on the main mailing list?...
  • Kaliya - We can work on this off line.

3. MARY to update charter process

  • Mary - The new process to notify the community mailing list if you update your charter was added to the wiki.

4. MARY to update on service providers

  • Mary - I met with a provider of outsourced services that specializes in accounting, but also handles HR and IT. They work with non-profit organizations and can work with an organization as small as IC and have customers that are many times larger than Liberty is. So, the size range is appropriate. Charles has been betting another out sourced service provider.
  • Charles - There are 9 other non profits that they manage. They provide a wide variety of services including running working groups and websites and sending out ticklers. Most of their customers are non-profits. One customer has 50 working groups and 700 members. I'm not at the point of discussing price with them.
  • David - You should talk with Bill Washburn as well. As OpenID has an outsourced provider.
  • Mary - Chris, can you update us on the funding subgroup?
  • Chris - I want to send out another email to settle on a date and I want to push to settle on a date. It would be nice if we had some news to report at IIW.

5. New groups planning conferences

  • Kaliya - Following IIW, on November 13, is the Kids on line unconference. Goal is to have a better set of best practices for the industry itself. So please let folks know. There are still some sponsorship openings.
  • Kaliya - The ID-Legal group is working on a co-educational event with lawyers and technologies to have better coordination on Identity issues.
  • Judi - Who in ID-legal?
  • Kaliya - Next Monday is the next conference call.
  • Judi - Then I'm really not on the mailing list.
  • Kaliya - Last month was last meeting.
  • Chris - Where?
  • Kaliya - Location not set yet.
  • Chris - If it could be coordinated with RSA, that might be good.
  • Charles –It’s [RSA] later.

6. Update on IDTBD meetings and V2 proposal, current recommendation (MARY, KALIYA, DRUMMOND)and recommendation. IDTBD Summary

  • Eugene - I was following up to Bob's email.
  • David - Goal is convergence and increased collaboration. One path is do we focus on how to collaborate and then see what organizational structure we have or other way.
  • Charles - I agree. I was at the Burlington meeting. I suggested that regardless of which method we chose, the pragmatic aspects are that integration would take a long time. Considering that the market is now confused, we should start creating a unified message now, as the problem is now. I got the impressing that they thought that could not be done first.
  • David - Absolutely We really have identified areas where we could work together. We can do some of them without changing organizational structures.
  • Eugene - I'm in total agreement. I would love for us to start talking about specific steps we can take...
  • Dale - The Internet and our current economies are huge networks with lots of working parts. Identity information is the same way. Why do we have frustration that we can't fit it all into a single organization. I think we need to let go, won't be a single organization or message. It is too big a subject.
  • Charles - This is the most horizontal of technologies and has so many components
  • Kaliya - Do we want to be proactive and want to help articulate an agenda for the October 16 the meeting?
  • Eugene - No I don't think we do. You made the call that the container is not a constructive approach, The problem, as I perceive it is that they are focused on creating a new organization. Our energy is better spent on things we agree are more constructive.
  • Kaliya - Do....
  • Eugene - The point is that the container is the problem.
  • Dale - I feel that it [the conversation] is very productive the last week or so. We can't all eat the elephant so lets get back to work.
  • Lucy - I have a slightly different perspective. That somehow you jumped very quickly to discussion hybrids of organization. Before you understand each other exiting models. I don't think any of the parties value how the other's models works. So is falling.
  • Eugene - So what do you propose?
  • Lucy - I understand that they are a membership model and don't see how their proposal really differs from what they are doing now. Everyone needs to come to the table with what they are doing now.
  • Charles - In Burlington, the point they made was that there would be people in the conversation not paying dues and that that is a big difference.
  • Eugene - There is clearly a need for people to understand each other organizational models. The assumption that we need to have a single new organization. Need to understand other models at a deep level.
  • Lucy - I'm not looking for a single unified organization, I am looking for something that looks more like a unified message you can have confidence in. Having 40 external messages makes it too hard to join the space.
  • Charles - I was going to propose we start an IC group to do that.
  • Eugene - That sounds great. Are there others who want to participate?
  • Mary, ???, David, Lucy
  • Charles I will write the wiki up.
  • Kaliya - How does this become not another us and them? Should we be asking "Don do you want to work on this with us"? *
  • Dale - What are we trying to accomplish? Liberty folks start with IP policy and funding, etc. first.
  • Kaliya - I did propose this to IDTBD. There was an immediate concern about funding and IP.
  • Eugene - Lets identify people, and create a container to collaborate. I think it is all about the one on one.
  • Charles - Don't see any downside.
  • Mary - My concern is that IDTBD participants might interpret this as moving away from the IDTBD discussion.
  • Eugene - That is fair. Hold off on formal creation. We can starting bringing people into the conversation, and get some different points of view. Lets initiate some discussion on the list.
  • Lucy - I like the idea of broadening the participation.
  • Charles - Does anyone have an objection to my drafting a description of a group?
  • Eugene - No objection. I'd appreciate it.
  • Lucy - I think this will crystallize shared goals.
  • Charles - I will take that action step.
  • End