Stewards Council Telecon: 2009 February 4

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2009 February 4 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST From IdCommons Jump to: navigation, search

Call in number: 1-605-475-4333 access code: 181783 [edit] Attending


  • Mary Ruddy
  • Charles Andres
  • Mike Kirkwood
  • Paul Trevithick
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Dan Perry
  • Lucy Lynch
  • Eugene Kim
  • Chris Reynolds
  • Drummond Reed
  • Joy - Kids line.

[edit] Agenda

  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes

Time critical topic

  • Required accounting review and tax filing - Need to call vote on approving funds.
  • Hiring of CPA firm for required review and tax filing

Main Topic

  1. Communication/Funding Plan - Eugene Kim will present the major focus of the call

Regular topics

  • Status update reports - 1 (short) minute from each project.
  • Updates on action items from last call
  1. New initiatives
    1. New User-Centric Health charter proposal was approved
    2. Unified_Messaging_Wiki -- Unified_Messaging_Charteris practicing with the RSA interop planning
  2. System items
    1. Mailing lists
      1. Conversion of OSIS General and OSIS Steering Committee
    2. Wiki
      1. Next existing wiki to Info card enable is OSIS wiki (After RP code is updated)
    3. Website - Status update on info card enabling our Drupal website. (After new code to infocard enable the site is complete.)
    4. Use ID Commons as a "sandbox" for folks to safely check out technologies. Make it work super smooth, and "verbose" when someone is using the site will "get-it". Experience an OpenID, Experience I-Card on the web. Safe place to test it out. See initial script / spec on how it would work. [1]

Additional items if there is time

  1. IIW8 (2009a) - New proposed format for day 1 and pricing
  2. How should we be fostering increased communication? Communication Strategy. Wiki page for 2009 events
  3. Review of inactive working groups

[edit] Notes

Mary -We will start by talking about the accounting filing since it is time critical. Dan - Financial report is $8726 in bank account. There were some changes to the 990 tax form last year. One issue is that Identity Commons doesn't fall into the standard categories for non-profits. So determining the appropriate category will take extra time. So additional research may be needed. CPA is known to Dan. Has been working with him for 25 years. To double check estimate, also got corroboration from a CPA known to Mary for many years. This CPA confirmed the first estimate. Since this is the first year to file, it could be more or less, but this is an appropriate ballpark. Need to move forward and engage a CPS ASAP, after March 1, CPA's don't accept new business for this. So we need to get approval for CPA and expense and go forward. Lucy - When we filed, didn't we declare a status then? Dan - No, we were not required to select at that time. We decided to defer this research expense. Eugene - It is pretty clear what we need to do. Dan - Next year, it should be cheaper, if the number of transactions is the same. Ideally we would have more funding and have more transactions and therefore there would be more work. Drummond - The initial expense only needs to be done once. Eugene - We had been talking about using a management company. Presumably this would be one of the services Dan - Yes, if we had more finances, we could afford a management company and wrap all the services into one provider. Mary - Any other questions or comments? Silence Mary - Then I should go forward and call a vote. Eugene I assume that we need a formal vote on this? Eugene - Yes. Mary - Then I will get that out. Dan - Have already started process of identifying the category. We are unusual. Lucy - Can we talk about this so that I can understand the category and what I can do?. Dan - What types of things are you considering? Lucy - ISOC would like to pass through $$ to support ID-Legal. Dan- We are not a 501.C(3). Dan- Discussion of joint venture agreement....for that specific project. I hate to be a lawyer, but that is what I am. I'm happy to work out something that helps working groups as long as it doesn’t hurt Identity Commons. Lucy - Can we take this offline? Mary- Yes, have talked with Kaliya

Eugene - Created a communications strategy page. Thinking about how to interact internally and externally. I would encourage everyone to read the link on the agenda. The strategy is straight forward. We need to blog more. We need to aggregate blogs more. The wiki's are very active, I don't think that people realize this. There is also a notion of more transparent back channels. Emails sent to individuals rather than the list. There is an opportunity to do more of that stuff in the open. Perhaps using Twitter, etc. Charles - Would it make sense to say we all join a Twitter or Skype group? Eugene - Yes. [Others] Great. Yes…. Dan - Thanks for putting your page up. It is great. Is there a collection of identity blogs. Eugene - There is a listing out there, - hosted by Pat Peterson. There is also an opportunity to be more intentional for ID Commons. Dan - Thanks. Kaliya - Mark Dixon has a listing he put together: Whole Identity. I will add it as a link. Others - Great. Eugene - I encourage people to take a look at this. There are some things we should just do. Others need to be thought about and done more intentionally. For example using a Twitter bridge. Kaliya - What is the next step? Eugene - People should read it. Charles - Well I read it and went to Pat Paterson's. His list is not up to date. Eugene - We can have someone contact Pat and see what his plans are for the site. Charles - I know him, and want to get on the list so I will contact him. Eugene - See what he needs. Whether he can be supported, whether he would be willing to put the IdCommons logo on his site. There are some very specific things that need to happen. Like doing the aggregation. I'm hesitant to propose more items before we discuss the funding. The funding is more critical. Charles - Can we configure a twitter tag right now? (Discussion of options) Charles - #idcommons. Kaliya – I’m, adding this to the communications page now. Kaliya - Can get RSS feeds. We could pull all the #idcommons entries to the website. Mike - Can put together a one page flow. Kaliya - Mike and I can work on that. Eugene - If we document that, people can look at it and volunteer. Mary - Next topic will be introduced by Chris, who has been working on the budget. Chris - I've put together a skeleton budget. Have not yet put it into the Google docs format. I sent out a request for input and was pleased with the result. The next issue is to put together the formal budget. Eugene - Where is this? Mary - Google docs has two draft2009 spreadsheets. Dan - Expect to plug in data. I'm optimistic that amount of $$ needed are reasonable compared to what is achievable.. Eugene – When will this available to review? Chris - I just a few days. Mary - Then we will have a discussion on the list and keep moving forward. Eugene - My only comment is thank you. It is badly needed. And second of all need to have a discussion on priorities and working on funding. Chris - Assuming have budget in 1 week, can we have a special call? Lucy - That would make sense Chris - I want to get a couple of funding requests under my belt before IIW. Drummond - If you post it, people can review it. Chris – I will put it on Google Docs. Mary - Makes sense to me. Chris - When I have it online I will schedule a working meeting. Chris - There was a lot of overlap in comments which was reassuring. Eugene - Couple of comments on wiki and the systems. It is an absolute priority to resolve the hosting situation. In regards to Pam’s code: one that is awesome. Two, we should have media wiki set up as a farm, not separate implementations. Is that something we can verify if not. Mary - We started looking into it. The next step is moving to a more solid server. Eugene - Where we are setting up a wiki farm…. Mary - Goodness. Mary - Thanks Electronic Embers. Eugene - It was funny how much that helped. It solved a lot of problems for $35 a month. If we can find the equivalent partnership for a media wiki provider that would be great. The OpenID foundation switched over to PBwiki to get it better supported. The wiki is a service Identity Commons should be providing to all its working groups. Drummond- Have to leave soon.. Mary - That reminds us that we have only 13 minutes left. Kaliya - We are having a conversation about what IIW should look like. We are thinking about having Monday start at 9:00 AM. We should have the handout done a month ahead of time so people could come oriented. Then after 2:00, have a speedgeeking, demo, interop session and open it to the Silicon Valley community. Then Tuesday and Wednesday would be as usual. I'm looking for feedback. Drummond - Is this written up? Kaliya - It is on the wiki. I will send it to the list now. Kaliya - Now that we have things to adopt, want to get the message out to the community. Drummond - Cool. Kaliya - I have an announcement. I’m looking for space in San Francisco. There is some budget for space. Eugene - Depending on how many people, I have suggestions. Put a call out to the list. Others may have suggestions. Mary - ….. Kaliya - I will send to the ICF list. Kaliya - Need a wiki page with that. Charles - I am adding it to the ICF page, Kaliya - Only some of the commentary is relevant.

Joy - Kids online had second conference call. It is becoming apparent that we need to define goals more. One of the offshoots is that will have a conversation about approaching attorney’s generals. In addition are starting a weekly pod cast to aggregate news stories. One went out last week. May 31st UnConference. Instead of being seen as a lobbyist group, which is making some of the group uncomfortable, want to move it to more informal: cocktails and networking. There is a lot of interest. Mike - Make sure you send our podcast links to the list so we can tweet and blog to support it. Mary - That was great. Lucy - We are having a second ID-legal call tomorrow. We’re talking about holding a conference in the DC area. Still working on structure. Hopefully small to start technology and policy audience. We’ll get you more details as we work throught the straw man. Mike- The user-centric health working group talked through use cases. One use case: a person accepts info from multiple sources and passes it on to a doctor and the doctor accepts it. That is enough of a use case to put together a first draft of an implementation. With help from Drummond, we’re talking about using XDI. Our group will focus on getting more specifics for this. The epiphany is that it is user generated info. We are looking for feedback and will present to health 2.0 groups. great... Charles - Want to point to a video we did of MIT demo two weeks ago. The CivicID use case. GatewayToGov has partial database of voters to validate and strengthen petition capabilities. That is a successful use case that has gotten attention. Will send video link around shortly. Eugene - This is exactly the type of stuff we need to be highlighting. Kaliya - One more thing. There is an identity dinner in Boston on Monday and one in NY on Thursday. I will send the links out to the lists today. Mary - We are out of time. Thanks everyone.