Stewards Council Telecon: 2009 January 7

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Stewards Council Telecon: 2009 January 7 - call to start at 9:15 PST, 12:15 EST From IdCommons Jump to: navigation, search

Call in number: 1-605-475-4333 access code: 181783 [edit] Attending


  • Chris Reynolds

[edit] Agenda

  • Review of agenda
  • Volunteer to take notes
  • Status update reports - 1 (short) minute from each project.
  • Updates on action items from last call

  1. New initiatives
    1. Unified_Messaging_Wiki -- Unified_Messaging_Charter
    2. New User-Centric Health charter proposal
  2. System items
    1. Mailing lists
      1. Conversion of Identity Gang list
      2. Conversion of OSIS General and OSIS Steering Committee
    2. Wiki
      1. New wiki for Kids Online - done, and info card enabled
      2. Started investigating having single code base run our multiple wiki.
      3. Next existing wiki to Info card enable is OSIS wiki
    3. Website - Status update on info card enabling our Drupal website. (Progress made on new code to infocard enable the site.)
    4. Moving the IC server to better hardware - working on approach/effort estimate/cost
    5. Use ID Commons as a "sandbox" for folks to safely check out technologies. Make it work super smooth, and "verbose" when someone is using the site will "get-it". Experience an OpenID, Experience I-Card on the web. Safe place to test it out. Write a script / spec on how it would work.
  3. Other Community Support
    1. New groups planning conferences
    2. Frequency of quarterly reports discussion
  4. Budget/Funding

New Items

  1. How should we be fostering increased communication?
  2. PR around IIW: What are our community Stories for 2009?

[edit] Notes