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Identity Commons Story of Digital Identity


The purpose of this group is to produce a podcast that covers the range of activity in the community.


Every working group 'inherits' the general principles of Identity Commons itself -- see Purpose And Principles. This section should list any additional operating principles of the working group -- IF ANY -- i.e., scope limitations, how membership will be managed, how it will be governed, how Stewards Council representatives are chosen, when its work will be considered complete, etc. Note that these working-group-specific principles cannot be in conflict with the general Identity Commons Purpose And Principles. If there are no working-group specific principles, just say, "This working group will operate by the Identity Commons principles."


This section should answer the question: How does the working group go about doing its work together?

Specifically, this section must state the tools/means by which the group will collaborate, i.e., it will use Identity Commons-hosted mailing lists and wiki resources, or it will use Yahoo Groups/Google Groups/other collaboration tools.


  • A group that promotes interoperability of a technology may use Google Groups for mailing and document collaboration, host periodic interoperability events, and have a practice of publicly publishing the results.
  • A group might state that it uses public Identity Commons-hosted mailing list and all its meeting notes must be publically published on posts to that list.
  • A group might state that it is an open source foundation with annual dues-paying members and all its work will be on a dedicated public wiki.
  • A group that hosts community events for which it charges fees to cover costs might have a practice that it contributes 15% of money it earns to general operating costs of Identity Commons.

Requirements of Participation and How to Join

we should talk about how this works Aldo. There are interviewers, interviewees, perhaps some editorial advisors who suggest people/topics, and editors (I think we pay for editing by Scott Mace)

Licenses and/or Restrictions on Usage of Work Product

Creative Commons with Attribution

Current Deliverables and Milestones

Start by doing one or two a month - move back up to 1 a week.

Current Meeting Schedule

Conversation about this group at IIW

Current Membership

  • Aldo Castaneda
  • Kaliya Hamlin

Current Stewards Council Representative and Alternate

  • Aldo Castaneda

Current Links

Story of Digital Identity Podcast Site

Related Groups

Internet Identity Workshop


Aldo Castaneda founded this Podcast in the fall of 2005 while attending law school and exploring user-centric identity topic. He produced 60 episodes but put down the show after getting a paid job. In the summer of 2008 Kaliya Hamlin floated the idea of reviving the podcast and working with the community to get the podcast started again.