Systemic Elements

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This was drawn from a slide posted to the ITU-T IdM Focus Group by Abbie explaining the different elements of a global framework.


  • Root of Roots
  • Well-known algorithms
  • Search
  • Legal-regulatory mandate


  • persons (real and legal eg. organizations)
  • Objects (real and virtual eg terminals, RFIDs, sensors, network elements, spacial, software)


  • Identity assertion
  • Access
  • Resolvers (eg routing)
  • Pseudonyms/nyms (including anonmyity)
  • Geospacial
  • Radio Freequency

Information Attributes

  • profiles and directories
  • Permissions
  • Offerings
  • Presence and availability
  • IPR
  • Accounting

Derivative Identity

  • Protected discovery (eg logfile patterns, retained data, fraud management)
  • Public discovery (eg www or spectrum searches)

Authentication and Trust

  • Physical (biometric, tokens, objects)
  • Virtual (passwords, digital certificates)
  • Registration
  • Trusted Third Party
  • Federations and Circles of Trust
  • User-centric architectures
  • Trust metrics
  • Privacy (eg. user preferences and audits)
  • Life-cycle (eg. timestamps and timeframes)
  • Repudiation.