Virtual personality legal entity

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Definition: A new legal entity to manage a virtual personality. [JacoA]

Comment: The creator of the virtual personality legal entity concept is Dr. Juan Marcos Rivero. The spanish original text is here, and the english translation will be ready when the Virtual Rights Symposium starts at the last week of September 2005. [JacoA]

Comment: 10 Costa Rican Congressmen/women proposed in May 9, 2005 to add to the Constitution a new fundamental right (individual freedom) of having virtual personality. The spanish version is here and the english version is here. [Jaco]

Comment: Legal entities are used mostly by the 1 billion richest people in the world. The virtual personality legal entity will be used also by the 5 billion poorest people in the world, because it can manage a bank account and individual trust account to receive resources and aid, and it can promote job and services promotion and creation. More on this in an english text here and a spanish text here.