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The Stewards Council consists of representatives of Identity Commons working groups -- 1 representative and optionally one alternate per working group (see Organizational Structure).

The original Stewards Council was formed (see Background) from the representatives of working groups whose charters are submitted by midnight PT on Friday September 15 2006 and approved by a general community vote on the IC Stewards mailing list that closed midnight PT on Tuesday September 18.

The stewards mailing list is public.

There is a once a month conference call on the first Wednesday of every month Stewards Council Telecons.

Stewards may represent more then one working group but don't get 'extra votes' for representing more then one working group.


The Stewards Council shall appoint a chair, who will facilitate meetings and coordinate discussions.

This is the process for becoming working group with a steward:

  • A working group forms
  • Publishes a charter describing their purpose, process, and deliverables,
  • This includes a declaration of adoption by the working group of the Purpose and Principles of Identity Commons,and
  • selects one representative to be a member of the general assembly and one alternate to act for the member when the member can not attend a meeting of the general assembly.
  • The candidate member delivers to the Stewards Council a statement adopted by the group,
  • that the group adheres to the Purpose and Principles of Identity Commons,
  • that the group has selected the candidate member as their representative,
  • naming the selected alternate and
  • including the text of the working group agreement.

(See Working Group Agreement.)

If there is no objection by another member, the member is admitted and thereby the working group becomes an adherent to the Identity Commons. If there is an objection, the Stewards Council, following its decision making process as prescribed in the statutes, decides on the admission of the candidate member.



(For general guidelines on how the Stewards Council and the community collaborate see How We Collaborate.)

We have a mandate to collaborate transparently and openly. This means that mandated gatherings should be over online tools, so that physical travel is not a requirement to participate. This also means that "business" discussions should occur over open, public mailing lists, so that everyone can listen in and participate, and that people should be given sufficient notice to participate in important discussions and votes.

Stewards Council will meet via teleconference once a quarter. All Stewards will be strongly encouraged to participate on those calls.

Current Stewards Council


  • Andy Dale (XDI Commons)
  • Johannes Ernst (OSIS, OpenID)
  • Kaliya Hamlin (IdMedia)
  • Mary Ruddy (Identity Gang)
  • Nat Sakimura (
  • Paul Trevithick (Higgins)
  • Phil Windley (Internet Identity Workshop)

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